Code Geass R2 – Will there be a Season 3 or R3? (Anime)

Let’s start by saying that Code Geass season 1 was awesome and R2 was still awesome.  The ending was unexpected and very much aligned with the coolness of the series.  Is this the end though? Will there be a season 3? Did Lelouch die?  I found this youtube video of episode 25 of R2 and someone posted up an analysis of why they believe Lelouch isn’t dead which I think would be sweeeet! Check it out and let me know what you think:


Lelouch IS NOT DEAD, here is the explanation:

1. He killed his father and he has his code, but it gets active when the user dies. Remember, in C.C.’s memories she says: “Please, get out of my body” reffering to the Geass when she dies for first time and realizes that she is inmortal. Well the Geass gets active in Lelouch when he dies.

2. C.C. is talking with Lelouch… think again: She never talks again with Marianne when she dies completly or she never talks or see Mao when he dies, so… Lelouch is alive.

3. In this final scene C.C says: “The power of Geass brings loneliness…thats not quite right is it, Lelouch?” So… if Lelouch is not alone anymore and is with C.C… he must to be the wagon driver, ne?, look how C.C. nods her head in the direction of the wagon driver =)

4. R2 = R.R. in japanese the “L” letter is pronunced like a “R”, so If all is pronuntiation we have this:

R.R. = L.L (In english) = Lelouch Lamperouge so… he is inmortal.

Another exponation with the pronuntiation is C.C.’s name… it’s never have been revealed, but her name must to be Elizabeth, ¿why?

C.C. = Sissy = Some people calls Sissy to woman called Elizabeth.

Just a pronuntiation game.

5. Lelouch traspassed his memories to Nunally before “die”… only a user with a powerful code can do it… we know that C.C. can do it, but not Lelouch, so… he is inmortal.

You have to analyse every chapter and understand the Geass power to conclude this, but believe me, LELOUCH IS NOT DEAD!! =P”

So there it is…I don’t know if the writers can pull out of their butts a meaningful season 3 but I’m still hoping they can.  And if Lelouch is immortal now and travelling with C.C. ….DAMN he’s a lucky guy and Suzaku got the shaft!!! lol


Here’s a link on news of the new Code Geass !!  Thanks VoiceofReason for the tip

272 thoughts on “Code Geass R2 – Will there be a Season 3 or R3? (Anime)

  1. Well that’s a very awsome idea, but can you answer the question, will there be am r3? and if so, who would be the new antagonists? there really is no one else, with Suzaku “Dead” and he remains as Zero, and the Black Knights are now allies with Britania, who is Lelouch’s new enemy? Just asking

  2. well in new version it says someelse is the new main character and there is another person who resemble lelouch or he is lelouch but there is no iformation about he new antagonist.

  3. There should b a r3 but w/ da same characters wut if a new enemy arose or his parents came bak.+ there wud b no sudden changes and don’t u wanna no wut happens between cc and lulu?

  4. who knows maybe lelouch will have to appear to help his sister or “zero” in R3… i just want that another season appear 😀 we need R3 *_*
    i havent even watched until R2 right now but i understood everything watching some videos and etc… 😀

  5. All hail lelouch, maybe he’ll take over china next? and then commit suicide to bring world peace, any way r2 ended with a happy ending, if there was going to be an r3 it wuldve ended with some sort of conflict but there wasnt any…so dont get your hopes i think its highly unlikley

  6. well I have a question if lelouch is immortal so doesn’t it mean lelouch has cc code and she is not immortal anymore her wish was granted to have someone to be by her side and to love her

  7. C.C. means Ceiconaya Carabelle
    and lelouch isn’t dead he is an immortal bcuz he activated he’s 2nd geass

  8. cc would still be imortal.
    Lelouch killed the emperor so got his imortality passed onto him instead of cc’s
    i think it works like this to become imortal. charles kill vv to become imortal, but maybe imortality does not activate until he dieds. look back when cc kills her contrat i am certain her eye still have geass. so maybe you have to die to become imortal, it would also explain how he would still be able to use his geass.

    as for villians, VV’s order is still alive. and somehow i dout Lelouch and cc would be the only imortals.

    the only thing i have when is it set i think thier needs to be a good few years after his death, because he would still be reconised as the most hated man alive, mabye twenty years and if i am right about how geass works then he would have to forge a contrat

  9. There is going to be another season in 2012, but it is said that Lelouch won’t be in it!! I read this on crunchroll, not sure if it’s reliable,but if it’s true, then that sucks!!Lelouch is the best character!!
    (This data came out on august 2,2011)

  10. There will be a r3 but it will not be about Lelouch or Suzaku, it will be a prequel
    about the war over Japan 8 years earlier.

  11. there is not a raid3 only a new season with new characters ife seen the trailer its akito the exiled

    soww there was no lelou inside that trailer i think that raid 3 isnt comming yet

  12. I think lulu is stil alive because he is imortal and as for new enemys something will happen that will treaten peace and lulu will have to come out of hiding toe make things right

  13. If they do make a code geass r3, which I sincerely hope I do, I feel it should be themed round a new enemy, maybe one of the order, but a genius strategist, like Zero, which would force lulu to make a comeback to save his friends. Even though they all hate him, they’d somehow find out how he sacrificed himself. I feel this would be appropriate because I felt he didn’t get the respect he deserved at the end, which only nunally, (and kallen?) discovering his plan

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