HDMI Handshake Issues / Problems Solved (PC, TV, Tech and Gadgets)

Like many other HTPC enthusiasts out there, I’ve had numerous HDMI handshake issues ever since having a HTPC.  Recently, I upgraded my components and ran into problems.  Here’s my setup:


Samsung PN50C6400


Sapphire HD 6850 Video Card

AMD Dual Core

Antec Fusion Case

Running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

Connecting video / audio through HDMI cable

Other components:

Onkyo TX-SR605 Receiver




Cable box

So all devices were routed to my receiver and then HDMI out to the TV.  Here’s the type of problems I was having:

1) Turn Receiver on, HTPC on, then TV, TV displays ‘No signal’ , trying to power on devices in different order not working.

2) If the HTPC picks up on the TV by chance then while in Windows the signal gets lost, gets found, gets lost, etc, with no particular timing but frequently.  This makes watching anything very very bad.

3) Signal is steady but the screen flickers white on / off.

These problems were very annoying.  So I tried this and it’s been working for me so far:

1) Bought a ION Cable 4 in 1 HDMI switch.

2) Connected the HDMI out from the receiver into Port 1 of the switch then the out from the switch to the TV.

3) Guess what it worked!! *BiG SIGH OF RELIEF*

Not saying that this is the surefire solution but thought I’d share it because there’s nothing worse for HTPC owners than having to deal with HDMI handshake issues.

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