Sanuk Games’ best-seller ‘SPOT THE DIFFERENCES!’ now available online for free! (PC – News)

June 13th, 2012 – Sanuk Games is proud to announce that its top selling game ‘SPOT THE DIFFERENCES!’, which made the company’s bread-and-butter in the past couple of years on PlayStation Minis, iPhone and WiiWare, can now be played online for free with any recent web browser!

Just type in the address bar (or look for ‘SPOT THE DIFFERENCES!’ in Chrome Webstore), and embark on an addictive journey through odd and picturesque scenes. Will your eyes be keen enough to find the 5 differences in each scene before the time runs out?

‘SPOT THE DIFFERENCES!’ was listed by Sony in 2010 as the 6th best-selling PlayStation Minis game to date. The iPhone version was the 1st best-selling game in the Italian AppStore during 2 weeks. And the WiiWare version, although launched as late as 2011, managed to everybody’s surprise to reach Nintendo’s triggers for payment in all territories.

Throughout all AppStores, the game was blessed with a large majority of 5-stars ratings and delighted comments such as “This is my favorite app by far!?

The online version is still barebones when compared to the comprehensive feature sets of its premium counterparts on consoles, but the essentials are in place: an addictive gameplay and a high level of polish. It will eventually be updated with more features and contents. User registration with Facebook, a progression system and competition with friends are in the plans.

The monetization strategy has not been finalized yet, as the first objective is to grow the user base.

“I am foolish enough to place a bet on a free-to-play web-based game?, says Yan Marchal, the founder of Sanuk Games, “but the millions of dollars thrown by venture capitalists into social game companies on the basis of a mere business plan and an unproven game concept make my bet look quite reasonable in comparison?. “Well, it’s not like I have millions of dollars anyway?.

“I am actually very impressed with what the team delivered under tight budget and delay constraints, thanks to our experience in the genre?, he adds. “When we surveyed similar games online, we couldn’t manage to find many of decent quality. A Google search on ‘spot the differences’ certainly brings hundreds of results, but the vast majority of them are quickly churned out placeholders and category fillers. We are confident our ‘SPOT THE DIFFERENCES!’ stands among the very few ones that are actually worth playing.?

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