NHL Ref’s Corrupting the Game of Hockey


After watching the biased ref’ing in the Sharks vs Canucks round 1 playoffs 2013, it is very clear that either a) the NHL refs are allowed to do whatever they want and bet $1m bucks and then rake in the winnings after they single handedly determine a series or b) we go back to conspiracy theory that the NHL is controlling the refs and determining series outcomes for their own business/revenue reasons.

Regardless the answer, for the people saying that the Canucks would have lost anyway, I don’t think that is the right conclusion.  Imagine any team having to play super carefully not to get penalized only to get every single penalty you can think of on marginal and phantom calls while the other team is diving, slashing, gloving pucks out of their crease, gloving pucks out of their zone and doing whatever the hell they want and then sharing a beer and cigar with the refs after the game because the total penalty calls goes 24 to 10 for the Canucks which is likely a new record for total utter corruption.

Any team playing under these circumstances, I’d like to see them try to even win 1 game while trying to play with this hefty handicap.

Unfortunately, this seems to be a continuing trend for refs against the Canucks.  The solution?  there is none – the NHL Refs and the NHL control the game, it’s a business and they’ll run it any which way they please.

Game Over.

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