League of Legends – Howling Abyss Map (PC – Review)

Riot has done a great job with this one.  Before if you wanted to play ARAM (all random all mid) which was on a map with single lane 5v5, you would have to go into  custom games.  Doing this was a real crapshoot as it was hard to find a good game that would start timely and have people around your skill level.  Now with the new Howling Abyss it keeps the same fun from playing ARAM and then adds a bunch of goodies on it like matchmaking, re-rolls for random characters, honour system and leavebuster.

I’ve been playing Howling Abyss since release and can easily say that it’s my most played map at the moment.

Keep up the good work Riot.

Overall Rating: 10/10


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