New starting area in Dragon’s Prophet awakens the dead

Berlin, 6th of June 2013: Along with the very successful release of the Open Beta, publisher Infernum Productions also opened the gates to a new starting area in Dragon’s Prophet. The majestic Lake Krent, a smoldering volcano and the gigantic city of Arboran are only a couple of many highlights that await players in the new region of Puretia. Arboran to the west impresses with its sheer size, unique architecture and heavily armed warships high up in the sky. However, players will have to fight back a zombie invasion and disrupt mysterious experiments of a secret society before they can traverse the safe streets of the city. A brand new trailer shows the rise of the living dead and how they invade Puretia.

Players begin their adventures in Helmoth, a small city to the northeast. Shadowy necromancers of the Shax Cult have rallied an army of undead and are threatening the city and its people. Only after this threat has been repelled, players can continue their journey to Arboran, the magnificent city to the west. But even this road is full of dangers with three dungeons occupied by menacing goblins, carnivorous plants and majestic doom dragons waiting to be cleared. Players who are brave enough to take up arms against these malign beasts and live to tell the tale will be rewarded with glorious treasures.

Other highlights are the scorched lands surrounding the smoldering Mulungu Volcano and the shores of Lake Krent. Both areas are inhabited by popular dragon types that can be caught and tamed. Along with the forests of Hunak and the barren deserts of Siberna, players can now pick a third region to start their adventures.

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