Berserk the most popular Russian strategy game goes worldwide (Online Games – News)

Hobby World, the largest Russian table top game publisher, is launching the English edition of its most famous product.

Berserk: War of the Realm s is a tactical card game of skill and strategy. Created and developed in Russia by two co-authors, Berserk was first published in 2003. Over the years it has been hugely successful in Russia and the former USSR countries. More than 20 expansions and over 4000 different cards with beautiful illustrations were released.

Berserk is a tactical wargame in which players use cards instead of miniatures. This simplifies and speeds up the game considerably, with no need to refer to character manuals.

Berserk has become a local phenomenon. It boasts a highly detailed fantasy universe and outstanding fantasy artwork. Four Berserk novels and an art book were published in Russian. Three PC games based on the world of Berserk were successfully launched, two of them browser-based: “Berserk Cataclysm” and the more hardcore “Berserk Universe”.

The authors of Berserk enhanced the basic rules of the game and chose the best illustrations and mechanics for the English edition. The Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded in just 4 days. The game is expected to be delivered to its supporters in the fall of 2013. The basic Kickstarter edition consists of 6 ready-to-play decks, special dice, and rules including a comic strip. The deluxe edition adds two game boards, a bonus deck for customizing, more dice and some Kickstarter exclusives. You may support Berserk: War of the Realms at its Kickstarter page:

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