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music technology

the elective music technology course in year 9 and 10 is designed to develop student's performance, composition and listening skills in solo and ensemble playing; appreciate music of successful composers who utilise technology in their works and learn how to develop their own techniques in composing music with a variety sources of technology. 

course outline

through the learning experiences:

  • musicology
  • performance
  • composition and listening

students will study the concepts of music in a variety of contexts reflecting the impact of technology in music.

studio sessions

students will participate in the studio sessions™ program, which employs the use of keyboards, computers or recordable device such as the jamhub.  studio sessions is divided into three main contexts:

  • be a music producer
  • be an audio engineer
  • be a film composer

within the course, students experience an introduction to more advanced music techniques including sampling, looping, multi-track recording, sequencing and creating special effects.

simultaneously, students are learning and participating in the key curriculum requirements through performance, listening, composition and music production.

assessment of the music technology subject

this subject is assessed through:

  • performance assessments
  • composition assessments
  • aural skills assessments relating to the concepts of music
  • musicology task focusing on music technology

junior school subject

can you do this subject in the senior school?

no, however the knowledge and skills learnt in music technology will prepare students for the music 1 course in the higher school certificate.

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