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technological and applied studies

technological and applied studies (tas) is mandatory for all students in year 7 and 8. students can also select from a range of elective tas subjects.

in tas, students develop knowledge, understanding and skills through a design and production process using a range of tools, materials and techniques in theory and practical lessons.

the continuum of technology learning is:

  • mandated from kindergarten to year 8 through science and technology k-6 and technology mandatory years 7-8 syllabuses
  • based on students becoming increasingly sophisticated in their ability to apply knowledge, skills and understanding to design and produce solutions
  • optional for student specialisation in high school through a range of syllabuses addressing particular technologies and aspects of design.

the tas faculty at pittwater high school is a dynamic one.

the rapid rate of technological change in an increasingly knowledge-based society highlights the need for:

  • flexible technological capability
  • innovative thinking 
  • effective communication skills
  • creative thinking skills.

tas offers all students a range of courses which were traditionally linked to industrial arts and home economics. students in tas subjects:

  • identify needs that have personal relevance, apply design theory and use design processes to produce quality solutions
  • develop the capacity to solve problems and generate ideas.

tas subjects are described in this pdf file. tas subjects (pdf 20670kb)

students undertaking courses in tas  must adhere to work, health and safety (whs) legislation by wearing fully enclosed leather shoes during all practical lessons.

at pitwatter high school we offer: